RETRO Racing

RETRO #8 Race Results

It was a nice warm day, the perfect day for a BBQ and a RETRO race. In typical PSCR fashion we decided to combine the two for a day of racing, food and fun!

The day started out with Jim and Jeff being tasked with cleaning the bathrooms (guys seriously practice your aim!).

_DSC1017.JPG _DSC1018.JPG

We had a late start due to some racers having to work and others wanting to play wallyball (we still don’t know if that’s some sort of secret code, Formula 1 was first up, again we raced on the Hillclimb or as Dennis calls it the bullring. Top Qualifier and new track record went to Jim Radford with a 3.545 second lap with a Hansen Built Z Rail car. Tom Hansen in Orange lane won heat #1 with 49 laps, Jim Radford only slightly behind Tom with 48. Heat #2 went to Jim Radford on the short Black lane with another 48 lap heat, Dennis Cook pulled off 46 heats in Green lane, Tom Hansen and Tim Burgess both with 45 laps. Heat #3 again went to Jim Radford with only 47 laps with Dennis Cook again only 2 laps down at 45. Heat #4 saw Tim Burgess and Jim Radford tie with 48 laps while Tom Hansen and Dennis Cook both had 47. Jim Radford, Dennis Cook and Tim Burgess all tied heat #5 with 45 Laps, Tom Hansen following in the steps of Tim Burgess who in the prior heat had hooked up to the wrong lane. Tom only getting 29 Laps that heat. Tom would find himself fighting until the end making up enough laps to finish in 4th place just missing that third podium spot. Heat #6 went to Dennis Cook with 48 laps putting him solidly in second place. Heat #7 was Tim Burgess with 48 laps putting him within 5 laps of Dennis Cook. In the 8th and final heat Jim Radford, Tim Burgess and Tom Hansen all shared the win with 47 laps, Dennis Cook having some difficulty with 44. Jim Radford winning the race and setting a new lap total record of 375 Laps, Dennis Cook with 364, Tim Burgess with 362 and Tom Hansen with 352.


Up next was Can-Am with Tom Hansen setting a blistering time of 3.511 seconds for the TQ spot. Heat #1 saw Joe Lim out front with 47 laps. Heat #2 was won by Dennis Cook with 45 laps, the field much slower than the prior Formula 1 Race. Heat #3 went to Dale Olive and Tom Hansen both with 45 Laps butting them in #1 and #2 position. Heat #4 again went to Tom Hansen with 48 laps, increasing his lead over Dale by 4 laps total. Heat #5 was again Tom Hansen with 49 laps. Heat #6 let Tim Burgess have his heat of Glory with 48 Laps. Heat #7 was Joe Lim and Tom Hansen with 46 Laps, moving Joe into the #2 position behind Tom. Heat #8 was again Tom Hansen with 47 Laps taking the victory with 372 Laps, Joe Lim with 358, Dale Olive with 357, Tim Burgess with 345, Dennis Cook with 330, and Leonard Strand with 247.