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Customer Appreciation Party Race Results

Our good friend Roy Dredge as many of you know is leaving the US to go back to his homeland to spend some time with his family. So Diane and I came up with the brilliant idea to send him off in style, surrounded by fellow racers and friends. Well thats how it started anyhow. We were also told it was our own Shawn Sweeney’s birthday so we thought heck, lets celebrate that too. What we thought started out as a small going away party we turned into a customer appreciation party, of course whats a party at PSCR without Diane’s famous BBQ chicken, It ended up being the largest event we’ve had at the raceway with over 100 people through the shop and at one point 72 of our racers and their families at the same time.

To our customers: Thank you all for the support over the past 3 years, I am truly humbled by all of you that keep this dream alive

To Roy: Thank you for everything you have done for the shop, and for the friend you have become. Safe journeys and we’ll see you back soon!

To Shawn: Happy birthday little fella!

Photos of the party are in our photo gallery

We’ll see you at the races!