New Tuesday Night Drag Outlaw Challenge

We’re going to try something new on Tuesdays in addition to our current program. Introducing the Drag Outlaw Challenge

A new Television show on Discovery that shows a top-10 list of drag racers is the inspiration.

We will be keeping our own Top-10 list of drag racers, the rules are simple

  • You may only have 1 car on the list at a time
  • You can only challenge the racer directly above you
  • Anyone can challenge the #10 racer to get on the board
  • Defender gets lane choice
  • Challenger will pay a $5 Track Fee
  • You may only make one challenge per week
  • Car must be the same body/chassis, motor changes and improvements to car including tires are allowed.
  • There are no restrictions to the car other than: it must resemble a drag racing car in form and spirit.
  • Race will be heads-up on a pro-tree, computer indicates final win.
  • Challenges will be ran in order from top of the list to bottom.
  • In cases where a car is damaged during a sanctioned run, an immediate response challenge can be held over until the following week.

How it will work: On Tuesdays during our regular race program we will ask if there are any challenges, If Defender and or Defenders car is not present the challenge will be held over for up to 4 weeks, If after 4 weeks defender and challenger have not been able to make a match the Challenger will take the win by default.

To start the list I have put up my Parma Ege with a 1.2077 E.T. @ 41.32 MPH. If you think you can beat me I will be ready Tuesday to accept the challenge!