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Introducing the Hillclimb Track

We have been hard at work, in preperation for the USRA Nationals held in April we replaced “The Chief” (Our modified Blue King) with a new Track, The Hillclimb. This track was built in 1987 by Hasse for West Seattle Speedway & Hobby and features longer straights and more banking than our Flat Track for high speed fun. The track is approximately 137′ in length. We fully refurbished the track including a new surface, new paint, new striping and braid. We put in the extra effort to convert the sections to Tongue & Groove and the track is now braided in sections for easy diss assembly and assembly in the future. We have rebuilt the drivers panel to allow better visibility in all corners from each drivers station.

Race management and scoring is powered by Lapmaster, now a standard on all of our tracks and allows semi-automated race management and as a bonus publishes live races and historical results to our website.

Hasse Hillclimb Slot Car Track