Drag Race Report Tuesday August 18th

Tuesday the 18th good crowd and better racing.

This week saw the best turnout of the summer with fourteen different races showing up at one point or another during the night. Mark brought his brother Tim who told me he had a ball and should be regular. Ron had his two nephews racing along with him again this week. Now we have to get there dad involved. Lane and Luke Carvar returned after an extended absence and brought Bryan Rodarte with them, a past racer, who is hooked hard and will be testing this week with a new group of cars. I am helping Lane and Luke get their cars back in shape and maybe build a couple of new ones. Larry had a home emergency and had to leave before eliminations got started and Jeff came late after working a little OT. Mike Burgy came all the way from Arlington. The traffic was bad and he didn’t have time to get his cars running after a long lay off, so he was only able to run one car. We will help him next week to get some back in order.

In the top ten we had a little confusion from last week. It turned out my report was correct and Mark had taken 5th place from Ron. Ron’s car broke in earlier in testing, so he was unable to compete. Mark challenged Dale and took the 4th spot on the list. Then Shawn defended 3rd in a run with Mark. Being Larry had to leave early, Shawn couldn’t challenge Larry. I heard Larry has got his car running fast, so I guess dumb luck saved me again. I may be number one, but if I ever start down the list they will eat me alive.

Brackets were hotly contested with so many new faces. The bad part was most of the new racers only had one car to run so, they didn’t get to very deep into eliminations. We will work on that! Dale, the eventual winner, took the hard road. At one point he raced me and won. As we were walk down to get our cars this small gnome came out from the back door and pick up Dale’s car trying to hand it to me. Dale didn’t notice the little person and ran into him, knocking Dale’s car from his hand. It seems that there was some body mount damage that Dale was able to fix. The small mini me disappeared as fast as he appeared and was not seen again. Dale took me out to get into the finals against Shawn’s big old Cadillac. Well Shawn’s luck ran out and Dale took the win.

Stock eliminator had a good field and some close racing. Mark was the eventual winner when Chris went red. Mark’s car is the track record holder and instills the need for a good light when you run against him. This hast to be what was on Crisis’ mind when the red came on

Dale did a good job and extended his points lead over Mark. Next week is the last race of the series and it looks tough for Mark to overcome. The next series starts the first Tuesday in September, so you had better get ready for the winter season.