Rough Expert Nascar race see’s Aaron Roed cleaning up for another win

Expert Stock Car Podium October 5, 2018
L-R: Tim Burgess 2nd, Aaron Roed 1st, Lee GIlbert 3rd

Tonight’s expert division race began more rough than usual, Tim Burgess got the hole shot in heat 1, but traffic saw Aaron Winning the heat. Chris Alden close in tail topped the field and after heat 2 was leading the race. Aaron did his normal weave and dodge making it through traffic with racers Chris Alden, Lee Gilbert, David Parsons and Tim Burgess all keeping the Aaron’s lead small and surmountable. Slowly the lead grew for Aaron in finally in the 7th heat the race calmed and became uneventful. Departing the race early after a promise to win was Leonard Strand bending his car in Heat 7, Chris Alden under someone elses power met the wall and broke a guide taking him out of the race in Heat 8 after maintaining a podium position the entire race. In the End it was Aaron Roed with the win, Tim Burgess after early trouble in 2nd, and Lee Gilbert taking third.

Aaron has an amazing ability to manage his race when traffic is rough.

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