Weekly Stock Car

Weekly Stock Car Racing Expert Division Race Report August 14th, 202, Aaron Roed demolishes the entire field with a 15+ lap beating. The Alden Brothers taking the other two podium spots. Elder Brother Alden Shares his truck wash experience.

Tonight the expert division had to contend with a slippery track due to the current heat wave that is sweeping across the northwest. The heat did not deter the brave slot car racers in Edgewood. Aaron cleaned house, winning high heat totals on every lane except green where Leonard Strand snuck one in. Battling between 2nd and 4th — and eventually finishing 2nd was Chris Alden going back and forth with his Brother Jim who recently decided to use the Salmon River as a truck wash. We were certainly glad to see Jim however nobody could decided if the bump on his head was new or now. Leonard Strand and David Parsons did battle for the back of the pack, with David Parsons coming out the clear winner. Rumor has it both David and Leonard picked the wrong race car.

Full race results can be found on our website: Race Results :: Pacific Slot Car Raceways

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