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Lee Gilbert’s Birthday Race Results

In memory of Lee, we held a race which was well attended and Featured expert turn marshaling skills by Alicia Gilbert with other members of the Gilbert family in attendance. We were glad to see them again.

For Advanced LMP we had 17 entries, splitting the racers into two mains based on a 1 minute qualification round. Top Qualifier was Jim Radford with a lucky 4.258 second hair lap just edging out Mike Wilson who timed in at 4.300 seconds.

Winning the B Main was Leonard Strand with 283 laps putting him in 4th overall. 2nd place in the B Main was Robert Hanlen with 271 Laps followed by Keith Bare also finishing on Lap 271.

In the A Main Jim Radford took the win and overall 1st place with 299 laps after all the good racers somehow crashed out or broke during the race. In 2nd and overall 2nd was our very own up and comer Mike Shea with 290 Laps. Crowd favorite and traveler from distant country Eastern Washington (the good part of Washington State) was Garrett Sisk with the 3rd place finish and 3rd place overall finish rounding out the podium with 287 laps Garrett did a great job only having a few races at our track under his belt.

Full race results for the Advanced LMP Race

Next up was the JK F1 class featuring JK Products Wide Indy cars. A field of 10 racers allowed us to skip qualifying and run a round robin style race with two sit-outs. Not sure what genius decided a round robin with open wheel cars was a good idea, but it certainly was an exciting and close race with half the field staying within a couple of laps throughout the race all the way to the end. Taking the win was Mike Shea with 262 laps, edging out Mike Wilson in the last 30 seconds of the race Garrett Sisk once again making the 3rd podium position with 260 Laps (his second of the day).

Full Race Results for the JK F1 Race

Again I’d like to thank the Gilbert Family for spending the day with us, Diane for the great Chicken and Homemade Mac&Cheese and other food items, and Pam Klinger for the homemade cookies. And also all the racers and visitors who came to spend the day in honor of Lee.