Race Announcements

End of Summer 2022 Race Schedule

In preparation for the Winter Points series we’ve scheduled some additional racing throughout the end of Summer. This will be so that Leonard has no excuse to show up late to tech as he finishes building his race cars at the last minute.

Every Friday @ 7PM: Stock Cars on the Twister

Saturday July 30th: JK F1, 1:32 iROC* on the Bullring Track

Saturday August 13th and 27th: JK F1, LMP on the Twister

Saturday September 10th: 1:32 GTP, LMP on the Bullring

Saturday September 24th: 6 Hour Team Enduro on the Bullring and Twister

Our winter point series will be on the 3rd Saturday of the month, October – February (5 races), Classes to be announced, schedule is our standard Saturday Schedule: Doors open @ 11AM, Tech closes @Noon

Check our Calendar page for any schedule updates

*Due to the short time period and implementing a new class we’ve decided to run an IROC Race on July 30th in place of the 1:32 GTP Class