RETRO Racing

RETRO Race #6 Results, Hansen and Burgess Dominate

Today we raced both classes on the hillclimb with the assistance of Roy Dredge and Charlie Harnes on the corners. A lighter than usual field with some new cars under test.

First up was Formula 1, This was a battle from the beginning between Hansen and Burgess with Radford as an almost. Burgess was able to navigate the field just slightly better than Hansen winning by only 3 laps. Of note is the fact Hansen built all the podium winners cars this month.

_DSC0931.JPG _DSC0932.JPG

In Can-Am Hansen would seek and find retribution against Burgess reversing the role of the previous race and winning over Burgess by 6 laps. Joe Lim finished in third 5 laps behind Hansen. Radford was nowhere to be found after leaving the race with a wounded ego and broken chassis.

_DSC0947.JPG _DSC0948.JPG

Photos of the entries can be found here and full race results here. Thanks again to all our participants and the drag racers Roy and Charlie for helping us out as corner marshals. We apologize for the abuse.