Weekly Stock Car

Weekly Stock Car Results, Glenn Logan takes his first Win

Tonight we raced on the Chief in preparation for the upcoming American Flat Track Worlds. Everyone had a good time.

Our Amateur division saw 6 racers with Gordon Thomas leading the pack after the first heat with 32 laps on the fast Green lane (which was also the high heat total of the race), Glenn Logan starting out on Blue lane had 29 laps, in heat #2 Glenn won the heat with a 29 lap heat total to Gordon’s 26 making the race a tie after two heats, Heat #3 saw Gordon gain a lap on Glenn with his 24 laps with Glen and Mike Walton getting 23 laps. In heat #4 Glenn took the lead with a 29 lap heat with Gordon having troubles getting only 19 laps. Chase Walton came in second place that heat with 25 laps. Heat #5 was eventful with Glenn getting another 2 laps on Gordon with a 30 lap heat to Gordon’s 28 laps, Chase with 23, Mark Kanzler, Mike Walton and Sherri Kanzler all had trouble that heat, Sherri had gear issues with Aaron Roed stepping up to work on her car. Heat #6 Gordon and Glenn tied the heat with 29 laps, Heat #7 Gordon tries to make his comeback with 32 laps to Glenn’s 30 but it simply wasn’t enough since in heat #8 Glen pulled a 31 lap heat to Gordon’s 29 laps. Chase Walton stayed out of trouble and drove to a cool third place finish.

  1. Glenn Logan – 230 Laps
  2. Gordon Thomas – 219 Laps
  3. Chase Walton – 180 Laps
  4. Mark Kanzler – DNF 135 Laps
  5. Mike Walton – DNF 109 Laps
  6. Sherri Kanzler – DNF 50 Laps

Up next were the Experts, Tim Burgess took the pole with a TQ of 4.768 just cutting Jeff Bowes time to beat of 4.797. Tim Burgess started out winning the first Heat with 35 Laps, Aaron Roed close behind with 34 and Jim Bowes with 33. It looked from the beginning like it was going to be a close race. Heat #2  saw Jim Bowes leading the heat with 34 laps, Dan Hodapp coming on strong with 33 laps. Heat #3 saw Aaron Roed making his move with a 35 lap heat total Jim Bowes answering with 34 laps and Hodapp with 33 both stepping it up a notch over the previous heat. Heat #4 saw Aaron Roed with 33 laps, Tim Burgess with 32 and 31 for both Jim Bowes and Dan Hodapp. Heat #5 was once again Aaron Roed with 36 laps. Heat #6 Aaron Roed with 34 laps, Jim Bowes 32 and Jeff Bowes and Dan Hodapp with 32. Heat #7 was Jim Bowes with 32 laps, Aaron, Dan and Jeff all with 31. In heat #8 Aaron finished off with 32 laps, 31 for Bowes and Dan Hodapp in the last 20 seconds lost a gear moving from third to 4th place overall.

  1. Aaron Roed – 263 Laps
  2. Jim Bowes – 253 Laps
  3. Tim Burgess – 245 Laps
  4. Dan Hodapp – 243 Laps
  5. Jeff Bowes 242 Laps