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2012 American Flat Track Worlds Announcement

You are cordially invited to attend the 2012 American Flat Track Worlds held at Pacific Slot Car Raceways in Edgewood Washington July 12, 13, 14, 15 2012. This year we have added an additional day to celebrate retro racing in the Pacific Northwest.

Race Day Procedure:

For all race days and classes TECH will open 15 minutes prior to the race start time. Following the first and subsequent races tech will immediately open after the race ends during which time the track will be on for 30 minutes. Tech will close after that 30 minute window. Complete and Accurate Tech Sheets will be required with each entry to pass tech.

Race Prizes & Raffles:

Each entrant will be given a raffle ticket at signup, raffles will be held throughout the event during breaks and when opportunity allows. Tickets are good for entire event (don’t throw them away!), The more races you enter the more prizes you can possibly win. Entrants must be present to win.

Official Schedule:

Thursday July 12th
 Noon Doors open
 12:00 - 12:30 Twister Cleaned and sprayed for racing
 6:45 PM Tech Opens, Retro F1
 7:00 PM Tech Closes, Retro F1
 7:05 PM Drivers Meeting
 7:10 PM Retro F1 on the Twister
 RETRO Can-Am on the Hillclimb Track to immediately follow intermission
 Retro Racing will follow IRRA Rules, more information on our retro program can be found here Plaques & Awards
Friday July 13th
 Noon Doors open
 12:00 - 12:30 Twister Cleaned and sprayed for racing
 6:45 PM Tech Opens, 4" Stock Car
 7:00 PM Tech closes 4" Stock Car
 7:05 PM Drivers Meeting
 7:10 4" Stock Car
 Wing Car Box Stock 12 to follow
 Fridays racing will be on the Chief track
 4" Stock car will use the PNW AMCA 4" Stock Car Rules
 Box Stock 12 will use 2012 USRA Expert Box Stock 12 Rules
Saturday July 14th
 8:00 AM Doors Open
 9:30  AM Tech opens, 1/32 GTP
 10:00 AM Tech Closes for 1/32 GTP
 10:05 Drivers Meeting
 10:10 1/32 GTP on the Hillclimb
 1/24 LMP on the Twister
 Lunch/Dinner will be served
 Group 10 on the Twister
Sunday July 15th
 8:00 AM Doors Open
 9:30 AM Tech Opens 1/32 Eurosport
 10:00 AM Tech Closes for 1/32 Eurosport
 10:05 Drivers Meeting
 10:10 AM 1/32 Eurosport on the Twister
 GT-12 on the Twister
 Lunch/Dinner will be served
 1/24 Eurosport on the Twister

All scale classes use the PNW AMCA Rules

Entry Fees:

A Pit Pass of $10 per day, per racer includes all track time and entitles racers to meals provided on Saturday/Sunday
Thursday July 12th: $12 per class
Friday July 13th: $12 per class
Saturday July 14th: $18 per class
Sunday July 15th: $24 per class
Racers entering 5 or more classes throughout event will receive a 10% discount on entry fees


The nearest airport to the Raceway is Seattle/Tacoma International Airport (SEA), about 15 minutes by car. A list of local hotels can be found here. The Crosslands Studios are less than a mile from the shop and are known to be clean and reasonably priced.

You can confirm you’re coming on the Facebook Event Page located here