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Race Results for the 2012 Great Seattle Slugfest

Friday Group F started promptly on schedule with Isaac Pile taking the concours win, Jim Ward visiting from California took TQ with a 3.853. The Bowes father and son team won heat #1 with 40 laps each setting the pace for the rest of the field. In heat #2 it was Dale Olive with 38 laps trying to make up the 5 laps lost during heat #1. Heat #3 saw the Jim Ward and Jim Bowes winning the heat both with 38 laps. Heat #4 was again Dale Olive and Eli Pile with 38 laps with Jim Ward losing a gear. Finally during heat #5 Jim Bowes made 41 laps which was the best heat lap total of the race, also Jim’s best single lap time at 4.010, During this heat Dale Olive lost his motor and headed off to finish the race in the pits. Heat #6 had Jeff Bowes follow Dale making only 26 laps, 2 racers down, 6 still fighting for that Box Stock 12 RTR provided by Bob Everett as a prize. Jim Bowes matched heat #1 with another 40 lap heat total. Jim ward making another run for it wins heat #7 with 40 laps besting Jim Bowes by 1. In the final heat again Jim Ward wins the heat with 41 laps which was still not enough to catch Eli, Joe or Jim for the coveted podium position.


Group F Results:

  1. Jim Bowes – 307 Laps
  2. Joe Lim – 300 Laps
  3. Eli Pile – 291 Laps
  4. Jim Ward – 269 Laps
  5. Isaac Pile – 256 Laps
  6. Aaron Roed – 255 Laps (His first wing car race ever)
  7. Jeff Bowes – DNF 201 Laps
  8. Dale Olive – DNF 171 Laps

Following the Group F race we had the Amateur Box Stock 12 race with 6 entries, Jim Bowes racing that brand new RTR wins heat #1 with 38 laps over Eli Pile with 37, Jeff Bowes had some trouble but certainly came back during heat #2 with 42 laps. Heat #3 was won by new wing racer Aaron Roed with 39 Laps and again winning heat #4 with 40 Laps finally getting his rhythm. Heat #5 once again went to Jim Bowes with 41 laps with Jim ward a close second at 40 laps. Heat #6 belonged to Jim Bowes with 39 laps while his son Jeff again had motor problems and finished the race in the pits. Jim Bowes making us all wonder why he wasn’t racing the experts pulled 46 laps total in heat #7, Jim Ward not to be outdone almost matched that with 45 during heat #8 earning him that third podium position having had a couple of bad heats.


Amateur Box Stock 12 Results:

  1. Jim Bowes – 314 Laps
  2. Aaron Roed 300 Laps
  3. Jim Ward – 298 Laps
  4. Eli Pile – 281 Laps
  5. Isaac Pile – 245 Laps
  6. Jeff Bowes – DNF 164 Laps

Saturday had Expert Box Stock 12 on first on the schedule with TQ going to Jim Radford with a 3.106 qualifying lap. Heat #1 went to Bob Everett with 47 Laps both Christopher Everett and Jim Radford on his tail with 45. Bob realizing he was going to have to step it up did 48 laps during heat #2 with Christopher Everett and Jim Radford having a rough go and only getting 43 laps a piece. Heat #3 again had Bob Everett and Jim Radford tied with 46 laps each, heat #4 had Bob running scared pulling a 49 lap total with Tim Burgess at 46 laps. Heat #5 had two titans doing battle once again Bob Everett and Tim Burgess both getting 44 Laps. Heat #6 was Bob and Chris Everett both with 45 Laps. Heat #7 had Christopher win with 44 laps. The 8th and final heat had Bob with 50 laps, Jim with 48 and Christopher with 44. Bob won the most heats earning him the overall win, Christopher Everett finished second about 20′ ahead of Jim Radford who set the fast race time lap at 2.944.


Expert Box Stock 12

  1. Bob Everett – 368 Laps
  2. Christopher Everett 347 Laps
  3. Jim Radford – 347 Laps
  4. Tim Burgess – 340 Laps
  5. Joe Lim – 314 Laps
  6. Jim Ward – 294 Laps
  7. Gary Johnson – DNF 115 Laps

Next we went to do some Scale Racing, 1/32 Eurosport. Lee Gilbert took the Pole with a qualifying time of 4.0267 seconds backing it up with a 4.136 second time. Joe Lim ran a great race fending off Jim Radford for an easy victory. This race was the final race in our 2012 Spring/Summer NW Challenge Cup Series and full results are posted here

Its back to the Chief for some more Wing Racing, next up Group 27L. Top Qualifier was Jim Ward with 2.526 seconds setting a new track record! Jim Radford had to sit this race out to do some repairs on the Twister for the next race. Heat #1 had Bob Everett out of the gate showing everyone who’s the boss of the Chief with a blazing 56 lap total. Christopher Everett and Tim Burgess win the heat #2 both with 40 laps, not to be outdone Bob came back to win both heats #3 and #4 with 51 laps, Showing his presence was Leonard Strand with 50 Laps. Heat #5 saw the Everett’s both kicking it up a notch with Bob getting 53 laps to Christopher’s 52. Everyone took a break during heat #6 it seems with Tim Burgess setting the high heat total at 46 laps, back in action during heat #7 was Bob Everett with 51 Laps, Finally heat #8 with all racers still on the track it was Christopher Everett with 49 laps to win the heat.


Group 27L Results:

  1. Bob Everett – 393 Laps
  2. Christopher Everett – 382 Laps
  3. Leonard Strand – 357 Laps
  4. Jim Ward – 337 Laps
  5. Joe Lim – 310 Laps
  6. Tim Burgess – 286 Laps
  7. Gary Johnson – 260 Laps

With repairs made to the Twister it was back to scale racing to finish off the day with GT-12. Joe Lim took the pole with a blazing 3.623 second lap backing it up with a 3.624, slightly behind him was Dale Olive with an almost matching 3.646 lap. This race was the final race in our 2012 Spring/Summer NW Challenge Cup Series and full results are posted here

_DSC0997.JPG _DSC0998.JPG

Sundays races started with 1/24 Eurosport, First up to Qualify was Jim Radford setting the bar high with a TQ of 3.058 nearly annihilating Lee Gilberts Track Record of 3.054 (Well Ok, it was 1 lucky lap). Back after a year long break Dan Sullivan won the B Main with 618 Laps showing rust doesn’t stick to that guy!. The A Main and overall race winner was Jim Radford with 650 laps 9 laps short of Lee Gilberts 3 car field 659 Lap record. Was truly an almost day for Jim.  This race was the final race in our 2012 Spring/Summer NW Challenge Cup Series and full results are posted here


The Main Event – One Motor Open. Bob Everett, Christopher Everett and Joe Lim tied heat #1 with 68 Laps with Jim Radford at 67 and Jim Ward with 66. Bob Pulled away during heat #2 with 75 laps putting him 4 laps ahead of the field, in heat #3 it was again Bob Everett with 84 laps giving him more than 20 lap lead over the field, Heat #4 Jim Radford won the Heat with 74 laps reducing Bob’s lead but not by much. Joe Lim won heat #5 with 76 laps. Heat #6 saw a new heat winner Jim Ward with 76 Laps evening out the field even more. Heat #7 went to Bob Everett with 78 Laps, his son Chris on his tail with 77 laps. Heat #8 was Bob Everett with 75 Laps gaining him the overall win.

  1. Bob Everett – 587 Laps
  2. Christopher Everett – 542 Laps
  3. Jim Radford – 526 Laps
  4. Jim Ward – 508 Laps
  5. Joe Lim – 491 Laps

You can find more photos of the event in our photo gallery

A Huge Thanks to every one of the participants of this event, the Racers, Diane, Jim Dalton, Roy Dredge, and the Spectators.