Race Announcements

Customer Appreciation Party October 20th, 6pm

Diane and I would like to show our appreciation for all the racers, staff and customers who have supported the raceway over the years. We believe we are the caretakers of the raceway you all call home.

We believe what makes our raceway the best in the world is not us, the building, or the tracks, but the racers and customers we have come to know as friends.

So to celebrate you our customers we are throwing you a party! On Saturday October 20th we will be providing FREE TRACK TIME and a feast for kings (and queens) to our customers from 6pm until 10pm

Two other significant events will be part of this celebration, The birth of our own Shawn Sweeney and the departure of Roy Dredge who is moving back in with his mommy. These two individuals have been huge supporters of the raceway and great for a few laughs. So come enjoy some food and some great company on this day

Thanks and we’ll see you Saturday!