NWCC Series Final Race Fall/Winter 2012

The points series was closer than its ever been at the end, Every top contender had to compete to defend or advance their overall position in the points.

Full final points results can be found here

1/32 GTP Amateur

Jim Bowes Takes the Win, Madison Roed in second (Overall points winner), Gordon Thomas 3rd

1/32 GTP Expert

Tim Burgess takes the win giving the overall series win to Aaron Roed, Joe Lim places 2nd, tied with Aaron in the series points, the decision went to Aaron for having the fastest qualify time during the series, Bob Wilgus up from Vancouver took the third podium position this race

LMP Amateur

Jim Bowes 1st, Ross Korsky 2nd, Gordon Thomas 3rd

LMP Expert

Bill Clemans takes the win, Bob Everett 2nd, Joe Lim 3rd

Group 10

Bill Clemans 1st, Gary Johnson 2nd, Bob Everett 3rd

1/32 Eurosport

Joe Lim 1st, Lee Gilbert 2nd, Raymond Batchelor 3rd


Dale Olive 1st (New Lap Total Record), Gary Johnson 2nd, Joe Lim 3rd

1/24 Eurosport

Gary Johnson 1st, Dan Sullivan 2nd, Leonard Strand 3rd

Congratulations to this months winners!