Kids Team Race Results

Tonight we tried something a little different, a Team Race with each Kid pairing with a parent, grandparent or the last available adult in the building (Me).

The Teams were:
Piper Clark/Fred Klinger
Mike Walton/Chase Walton
Mark Bartel/Kristian Bartel
Alex Bartel/Jim Radford

As is usually the case the Kids made up for the lack of driving skills by the adults, with the exception of Fred Klinger who drove a nice clean race. In the end Team Alex/Jim took the win with 217 Laps after spending most of the race at the back of the pack, Team Chase/Mike took second with 213 laps, Team Kristian/Mark with 211 Laps, and Team Piper/Fred with 210 Laps. Fast lap was set by Fred Klinger on Purple lane with a 5.439 lap time. Thanks to everyone for a fun night racing with the Kids.