Clark Family Fundraiser Saturday March 8th 1-6PM

Piper Clark races on Wednesdays in our Kids racing Program. She has done this pretty consistently for the past few years. This kid opens the door and repeats my name loudly several times to announce her arrival before she even turns the corner where I can see her from behind the counter “JIM JIM JIM”. It always makes me smile when she does this. I’d like to think I am the reason she keeps coming back every week but the reality is she comes with her Grandpa Fred, and to see her best friend Ashlynn Roed (whom she met at the track). In addition to Fred bringing Piper to the kids races, Fred is one of our Expert racers in our Friday Stock Car Program.

Pipers Father, Beau Clark was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago, he and his family have fought, in the bravest possible way this affliction. Beau went into remission but the cancer has returned. Beau is now under hospice care at home and the prognosis is not good.

Beau and his wife Melissa are young and with a young family. They struggle with the financial burdens due to Beau’s cancer. This is where Diane and her Daughter Lauren McCuistion stepped up and planned this Fundraiser to help the Clark Family. She has enlisted many people to help with this task and over $4,000 has been raised to go to support the needs of this family. I am personally grateful for everyone who has come forward with raffle prizes and support for this event and family.

So please join us this Saturday March 8th from 1-6PM for raffles, a bake sale and other fun events to help this family in their time of need.

For those who are unable to attend the fundraiser the opportunity to help still exists. There is an online fundraiser at Giving Forward to support the Clark Family. It can be found here