Stock Car Results 8-1 through 8-15

August 1st:

Tom Hansen takes the big win with 286 laps over Aaron Roed with 282, Ross Korsky takes the last podium position with 273 Laps.

August 8th:

Aaron came back seeking revenge on Tom who was off racing RETRO cars that weekend, his revenge would have to wait.. for now, Aaron took the win with 279 Laps over Ross Korsky at 275. Dale Olive was third with 269 Laps.

In the “B” Main Sherri Kanzler took the win with 235 Laps, 1 lap ahead of Husband Mark Kanzler at 234, and Ken Cavish with 222 Laps

August 15th:

Aaron got his revenge this week on Tom Hansen — and almost on Jim Radford who slipped past Aaron in the final seconds of the race after Aaron got entangled on the sweeper. In the End of was Jim Radford 1st with 273+ Laps, Aaron Roed with 273 Laps, and Tom Hansen with 269.