AMCA Fall 2014 Series Race #1 Results

Congratulations to the Podium winners of the First Race of the 2014 AMCA Fall Series. LMP “B” Main: 1st Jeff Sweeney, 2nd Madison Roed, 3rd Dan Hodapp, in the “A” Main it was 1st Aaron Roed, 2nd Jim Radford, 3rd Tim Burgess. Group-10: 1st Bill Clemans, 2nd Aaron Roed, 3rd Jim Radford.

AMCA Fall Series GT-12 Winner Jim Radford, 2nd Tim Burgess, 3rd Leonard Strand, 1/24 Eurosport Rick Dodge 1st, Jim Radford 2nd, Aaron Roed 3rd Full Results: http://www.pacificslotcarraceways.com/lapmaster/twister/LapMasterResultLink.htm (Lee is in the podium photo and took 4th Overall)