Drag Race Results 8/4/2015 Charlie Harnes takes the Bracket Win

We started off a little slow as the Sweeney’s couldn’t get off work in time to race. Well that was the story they gave us. Both had challenges in for the top ten list. The racers they challenged showed up to defend, I think father and son were across the street hoping Larry and Dale wouldn’t show and they would get a free ride up the ladder. Just saying. The only challenge was Mark challenging Ron for the 6th spot. If I remember right Ron failed to register once again and Mark took the spot.

On the bracket racing scene We had a few missing but our man Charlie showed up to make up for it. If you have ever raced with Charlie you know everyone in the house knows when Charlie wins. His yell echoes through the shop at every win light. Well it was one noise night. Charlie took the win over Mark and was all smiles. Paula is not supposed to know so don’t anyone tell her. Mark was runner up again this week after being our only hope last week in the North vs. South match up. I was consistent once again suffering from red light itis.

Stock Eliminator went to Mark, as he took out both of my cars along with Dale and Larry’s. I guess we will just have to get serious and try to catch up with this guy as he is just kicking butt.

The group was excited about the announcement that we would start a regular race schedule in September. We are open to suggestions from our racers as to what they would like to see. We want to use the Saturday races to try new ideas. Keep it simple seems to be what works. So get involve and help us promote the hobby.