Looking Ahead

Nascar racing on the Twister happens each and every Friday night at 7pm. Bench racing begins as early as 5pm, and the track is open for practice shortly after that. One of the many great things about this class is that there are racers of all skill levels that compete on Friday night. If you are just starting out with slot cars there are other racers doing the same. If you want the chance to race against some of the best slot car racers in the country, you have that as well.

Speaking of the best slot car racers in the country, the ISRA Worlds, held in Chicago begin on Oct. 7th, and last until Oct.15th. There are a number of our racers that will be a part of that event. Jim Radford, Lee Gilbert, and Rick Dodge I know for sure are going. I also think Mike Stahl, and Peter are going as well. Herman, and Rick Linn, along with some other guys that we get a chance to race with from time to time will be there as well. A simple search of ISRA Worlds should point you in the right direction if you want to follow their racing endeavors over the course of the next week.