Weekly Stock Car

J. Nelson Takes the Amateur Win, A. Roed Wins Expert

12 racers made up the field for the Friday night Nascar group. The field was split evenly with 6 amateurs, and 6 experts.

Jim Nelson would lead wire to wire in the amateur race! That doesn’t mean he didn’t have some tough competition, as last weeks winner(1st time) Nate Serdahl stayed within 2 laps through the fifth segment. Unfortunately some mechanical problems ended his efforts for the win. Robert Hanlen ran a steady race to finish in second place. The last podium spot went to Rory Friel. Great run by newcomer Mike Wilson to finish in the 4th spot.

The expert group lined up 6 cars this week. Pre race favorite Leonard Strand was involved in an early race pile up for the second week in a row. It’s hard to dig yourself out of a hole with this group.

We all followed David Parsons for the first segment. David just joined the expert group a few weeks ago, and has the potential to win on a consistent basics. As he continues to develop his race craft, look for him to be at the front of the pack. I was able to get the lead after the second segment, and won the race. David finished in second after a really close battle with Leonard Strand who finished in third.

July 20th-22nd is the annual Flat Track Worlds. The Friday night Nascar race does count towards the overall championship. This is my favorite race of the year!