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June Nascar Report: David Parsons Wins Amateur and Becomes Expert, Leonard Strand Wins Expert

11 racers were at the track this past Friday night. The amateur class was down a bit this week with just 4 racers. David Parsons jumped out to an early lead and went wire to wire to take the win. Jim Nelson came home in second place, and 10 year old Piper Clark grabbed the last podium spot.

Brad Hoyt had to leave early because of work, leaving 6 experts to start the race. Really good close racing, as there was not much difference between positions 1-6.

After segment 5, there were just 4 laps separating the top five. As the race wound down, it was myself, and Lenny Strand going for the win. I held a lead of about 2/3 of a lap to start the 8th segment. Lenny ran me down, and I honestly felt like it was going to come down to who got the better coast when the power went off, but trouble found Leonard with about 15 seconds to go, ending his shot at the win.

Series racing is a couple weeks away on June 16th. One last chance during racing to figure out what you have for the upcoming Flat Track Worlds held in July!