Weekly Stock Car

Nathan Serdahl Picks Up Win Number 2 In Amateur Stock Car Class

Nascar Expert Podium October 19, 2018
L-R: Mike Wilson 2nd, Nate Serdahl 1st, Jim Nelson 3rd

6 entries this week in the amateur stock car class. Piper Clark looking for her third win in a row led a majority of this race. The battle for the lead intensified during the 7th segment as Mike Wilson snatched the lead away from the young racer.

The 8th and final segment had Piper coming off Red lane and heading to Green. Mike Wilson would finish his race on Red. Lane advantage Piper! Nathan Serdahl demonstrated why keeping yourself near the lead pack can pay off big at the end of a race as he would finish up on Blue.

Piper was able to shrug off a tough run on Red and take the lead back with about 2 minutes to go. Things are looking good until an untimely controller issue ended her race with just a minute left. I’m not sure who was more disappointed, the 10 year old kid, or the room full of grown men!

Nate ran a great Blue lane and came from 3rd at the start of the heat to win the race. Mike held on for second, and Jim Nelson was third this week.