Stock Car Rule Changes

Occasionally we evaluate our rules and make changes. These changes can be for a number of reasons: Technology changes, Other nationally recognized rules change, and availability of items are among some of the reasons we evaluate and occasionally make changes to our rules. When we must make a rule change we do our best to make few changes and always strive to not out-date racers equipment. With the American Flat Track worlds coming in less than a month and having 4″ Stock Car amongst the classes that will be raced we felt it was necessary to simplify the rules so that out of town racers traveling to this event would be able to build competitive cars easily.

So as of July 13, 2012 we will be adopting the PNW AMCA 4″ Stock Car rules. This will go into effect as of the Flats and will be the rules we will continue to use in our weekly stock car program.

Notable changes:

  • A Front axle with wheels will no longer be required, sticker fronts are now an option
  • A painted 3D interior will be required and must cover the entire cockpit of the car (You should not be able to see the chassis or other surface through any of the windows
  • The motor will be the JK Hawk 7 or Falcon 7 motors only. In the past we allowed sealed S16D motors. Nobody has ran the S16D against the Hawk 7 in quite some time so this change is not expected to affect any current regular racers.
  • A body list with specifically allowed bodies will now be enforced

Other bodies may be considered in addition to those listed. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!