Website Updates

It’s time to update the schedule for this year

Summer is nearing an end and its time to get the race schedules published for the next season so everyone can make their plans.

So the question is what works for you? We will be running 2 scale series as we did last year, from September through January, then from February through June with our annual scale race “The Flats” again in July. Many people have expressed an interest in going back to a Saturday/Sunday weekend race once a month like we did prior to taking up two Saturdays. So this is one option I would like feedback on.

Due to lack of interest in wing car racing currently we will not run a wing series but will revisit this as a possibility at the season change in January

Retro is HOT right now, so we will try and accommodate our retro racers with 2 dates of racing each month, What time do you guys want to start?

Tuesday will continue to be Bracket Drag Races, we are considering the Taco Nationals in November again, we want to pick a day that allows the greatest participation for this event

Our Wednesday night Kids program will start again the first Wednesday in September, same format as last year, An hour of open practice between 5-6pm, with the 9 & under aged kids starting their race at 6 with the 10-16 year old group to immediately follow.

We will continue our Stock Car program on Fridays as we have for over 2 years without having to cancel a single race. This will start promptly at 7pm with both Amateur and Expert divisions

As always, this is YOUR Raceway and I would encourage any comments or feedback to better be able to accommodate the schedules and racing needs of everyone

Feel free to call me at the shop, drop an email or make a comment on this post with what works best for you.