Rental Car IROC Race Results

We have upgraded our rental fleet! What better way to test them out than run them in a mixed amateur/expert combined 16 racer round robin!

The results might surprise you. After Drew blew a motor in the Amateur Stock Car Race he went on to lead the race every heat and take the win in the IROC Race, with Chuck Ashcraft a close second followed by Aaron Roed about 2 laps back. The Race format is the cars stay on the same lane and the rental controllers were used and they were not moved. So it became a true race of driver skill with race damage being the only factor in racer performance. These cars held up well, we only lost one motor during the race on the Orange lane while Dan Sullivan was at the controls. A quick track call and car switch was all that was needed to continue the epic battle.

The Rental Car Field

The Racers/Testers

Full race results

I would like to thank everyone who stuck around and participated in this fun racing experience!