Spring Series Final Race Results

Saturday was the final race in the spring series.

TQ in GT-12 was Dan Sullivan with a 3.485, Concours went to Jim Radford with a Tim Burgess painted body, Overall Jim Radford took the win with 351 Laps, Alicia Gilbert in 2nd with 349 Laps, and Bill Clemans in third from the “B” Main with 335 Laps.

1/24 Eurosport saw A double Sweeney podium, and better yet – no broken cars!. Jim Radford was TQ with 3.156, Taking the Win was Shawn Sweeney with 645 Laps from the “B” Main, Leonard Strand was 2nd with 643 Laps (Also from the “B” Main), and our own Jeff Sweeney with 640 Laps winning the “A” Main and the Overall.

Full results for the races can be found here, the points for the series is located here

Again Diane and I would like to thank all the participants of the series and congratulate the class winners!