Drag Racing Results for August 6th, Larry Altmayer takes the #1 in Drag Outlaw

This week was the first week where we did challenges in the new Drag Outlaw program. Last week we started out re-seeding the list by qualifying those that wanted to enter in both lanes, the list was seeded by best time. Jeff Sweeney pulled out of the competition with his Camaro only to drop down to the bottom of the list with his new entry the Studebaker. The first challenge was made vs Larry Altmayer by Dale Schmidt, During the run Schmidt crossed the centerline with his car and caused major destruction to both his and Larry’s entry. Larry took the win and maintained the #1 position. Next up we had Jim Bowes challenge and win against Josh Carsen, Josh somehow didn’t get the memo it was a pro-tree and cut a 1.8732 light. Since the rules allowed it Josh came right back and challenged Bowes and took the win retaining his #3 overall position on the list. Doug Jones was the only racer on the list that went unscathed this week. Jim Radford tried to skate by but was met with a challenge from Robert Queen, Robert took the win when Jim pulled a .0009 red light. This opened up the opportunity for Dan Deering to make another challenge against Jim, this time Radford took the win and celebrated with a Charlie Harnes style whoop (well maybe it was only a YES!, but a celebration nonetheless). Brandon Colson then took the opportunity to challenge Dan Deering to get on the list and took the win in his Dad’s S10 Pickup. Poor Dan after 2 losses was challenged by Jeff Sweeney in a new entry his Studebaker. Jeff did himself in with a Red Light allowing Dan to maintain his #9 position. Our final Challenger was Dave Collins in the AMX vs Jeff Sweeney, This wasn’t even a fair fight with Jeff going nearly 90 mph. I expect we’ll see Dave try again soon.

Dale Schmidt took the win in Bracket over Dave Collins

In Pro Bracket Larry Altmayer took the win against Dale Schmidt

In SG .990 it was Again Larry Altmayer with the win over Josh Carsen