ProMod Class Rules

With the new series starting the SuperGas .990 index class will be replaced on Tuesday nights with a ProMod inspired class, We will race this class throughout the series, scoring and entry fees/payouts will remain the same. The rules are simple:

  • Body
  1. Door Car or Truck, No Funny Cars, Dragsters, or Roadsters
  2. Styrene, Resin, or Hardbody Plastic Kit
  3. Must have rear wing
  4. Must have either: Hood Scoop, Blower Hat or Cowl with Turbo Inlets
  5. Body Mods are permitted
  • Interior
  1. Must have 3D painted interior (at least 3 colors)
  • Chassis
  1. Any Chassis permitted
  2. Axle ball bearings allowed
  3. Wheelie bars must not be longer than 5″ Centerline of rear axle to Centerline of wheelie bar axle
  • Tires
  1. .500 wide rear tires
  2. Minimum diameter 1 1/16″
  3. 3/4″ Fronts with Rubber
  • Motor
  1. No restrictions
  • Index
  1. Class will be a .900 index on a .2 tenths pro-tree