Drag Racing Results August 20th 2013, Schmidt and Jones take the wins

In Drag Outlaw we had 4 challenges tonight, first up was Doug Jones in his ’55 Chevy Challenging Josh Carsen for the coveted #3 spot, Lights hit and Doug Jones set the track on fire while Josh seemed to stand-still, well he infact did, a controller malfunction prevented Josh from leaving the line so Doug took the win. Next up was Jim Radford as the underdog challenging Brandon Colson for the spot Jim lost last week on the list. Well folks it is now proven that the performance of the cars are not related to how much trash talk is spewed. Brandon held onto his spot. While Jim was still licking his wounds news came down (I think from Heaven) That Jeff Sweeney was going to make a run at Jim. Luckily Jeff Ran out of glue and Jim took the win holding his position for another week. Shawn Sweeney then decided to make an attempt to get on the list against Dave Collins in his AMX. This was a successful run for Shawn taking Dave Collins back off the list for another week. Stay tuned next week folks as rumor has it Larry Altmayer will be again looking to get back that #1 spot on the Drag Outlaw Leaderboard.

In Brackets Doug Jones took the win with Shawn Sweeney taking the runner-up spot.

In Pro Bracket Doug Jones also took the win with Jim Radford as the Runner-Up.

In S/G .990 Dale Schmidt took the win over Jim Radford as Runner-Up