2013 Taco Nationals Drag Race Results

This year we saw increased entries over last, with nearly 200 entries in 8 classes. There were about 25 contestants and some really close fun racing. Not to mention more Tacos and Mexican food than we could eat!

Congratulations to the winners of this years event!

Pro Edge
TQ: Kristian Bartel 1.130 E.T. @ 42.09 MPH
Winner: Kristian Bartel
Runner-Up: Dave Collins

TQ: Doug Jones 1.062 E.T. @ 48.02 MPH
Winner: Bob Jones
Runner-Up: Charlie Harnes

1.200 Index
Winner: Larry Altmayer
Runner-Up: Dave Collins

1.090 Index
Winner: Dave Collins
Runner-Up: Dan Sullivan

.990 Index
Winner: Doug Jones
Runner-Up: Dave Collins

TQ: Dan Sullivan .8504 E.T. @ @ 60.88 MPH (New Track Record!)
Winner: Dan Sullivan
Runner-Up: Larry Altmayer

Winner: Richard Reavis
Runner-Up: Ryan Reavis

TQ: Shawn Sweeney .5839 E.T. @ 97.4 MPH
Winner: Ryan Reavis
Runner-Up: Shawn Sweeney

Fastest E.T. Of the Event was Shawn Sweeney with a .5762, Fastest MPH was also Shawn Sweeney with 97.40 MPH both during Quick-8