2013 Taco Nationals Drag Race Results

This year we saw increased entries over last, with nearly 200 entries in 8 classes. There were about 25 contestants and some really close fun racing. Not to mention more Tacos and Mexican food than we could eat!

_DSC3871.JPG _DSC3870.JPG

Congratulations to the winners of this years event!

Pro Edge
TQ: Kristian Bartel 1.130 E.T. @ 42.09 MPH
Winner: Kristian Bartel
Runner-Up: Dave Collins


TQ: Doug Jones 1.062 E.T. @ 48.02 MPH
Winner: Bob Jones
Runner-Up: Charlie Harnes

1.200 Index
Winner: Larry Altmayer
Runner-Up: Dave Collins

1.090 Index
Winner: Dave Collins
Runner-Up: Dan Sullivan

.990 Index
Winner: Doug Jones
Runner-Up: Dave Collins

TQ: Dan Sullivan .8504 E.T. @ @ 60.88 MPH (New Track Record!)
Winner: Dan Sullivan
Runner-Up: Larry Altmayer


Winner: Richard Reavis
Runner-Up: Ryan Reavis

TQ: Shawn Sweeney .5839 E.T. @ 97.4 MPH
Winner: Ryan Reavis
Runner-Up: Shawn Sweeney


Fastest E.T. Of the Event was Shawn Sweeney with a .5762, Fastest MPH was also Shawn Sweeney with 97.40 MPH both during Quick-8