Olive Wins A Close One

Friday May 8th drew 15 entries for the weekly Nascar class. The amateur group had a full field of 8 drivers ready to go, and things started out with a bang as the dead man collected 5 cars right at the start. In a wild race race, Mark Nelson, and Roman Ruiz would trade the lead throughout, with Mark grabbing the lead in the 7th segment, and holding on for the win. Tristan Hyde came home 3rd, as a gear failure derailed his chance for a higher finish.
7 Pros hit the track, and Bill Clemans was top qualifier with a lap of 4.57 seconds. Jim Radford would lead the first 3 segments, but then relinquish the lead to Dale Olive at the halfway point. Aaron Roed led at the end of segments 5 and 6. Dale was able to get the lead back at the end of 7, and that set the stage for a classic Nascar finish between these 2 Friday night veterans. Aaron was able to close the gap between the 2, and running out of time, found a wall to drive into. Dale did a fantastic job of driving all race, having an Actual/Potential of 97.6. Without doing any research, I would bet that is the highest percentage in the tracks history. Aaron held on for 2nd, Lee Gilbert climbed back up to 3rd after a poor start. Bill Clemans, and Jim Radford rounded out the top 5.
See you all next weekend for another Fast Friday at Pacific Slot Car Raceways, along with 1/24 Eurosports, and GT 12 on Saturday. Chris Everett will be looking to make it 2 in a row with his Euro, and as always admission is free to the public, with racing starting at 7 on Friday, and 3pm on Saturday.