Olive Sets Track Record

12 racers were on hand for the weekly Nascar races. The field was split evenly between the amateurs/experts. In the amateur race, which usually features numerous shake-ups in the running order throughout the race, was rather tame. Gene Caldwell, Jim Nelson, and Keith Bare would run in that order the entire race. Come on guys, your fans want more drama! Newcomer Vince Piccirilli, who bought his car from out of the case just prior to racing had a great run, and we all look forward to watching him progress.

Dale Olive was TQ in qualifying with a 4.47, which is a new track record. Aaron Roed would jump out to the early lead, followed by Rick Dodge, and Lee Gilbert. Rick worked his way around Aaron midway through the race, with Dale right behind the leaders. Rick and Aaron would hang tough through the whole race, but at the end the King would make his move, and took the top spot. Dale, Rick, and Aaron all finished on the same lap, separated by 6 sections. Close racing like this is exactly why I enjoy racing at PSCR.

Friday night the Nascar class will be back in action at 7pm. As everyone starts to get ready for the American Flat Track Worlds July 17-19, look for the racing to be even more exciting!