Radford Picks Up The Win

Friday June 12th had 14 entries in the Friday night Nascar class. The amateur group got things started with 7 entries in their class. Roman Ruiz returning from a short break from racing jumped out to the early lead, with JD Gardiner, and Jim Nelson just a few laps back. Roman would maintain a 2 lap advantage a majority of this race until the 7th segment when things really started to heat up. Jim had taken the lead at the end of 7. In a close race to the finish Roman was able to drive around Jim for the win. Jim would hold onto 2nd, and Gene Caldwell who had to dig himself out of a huge hole grabbed the last podium spot.

The experts hit the track with 7 entries, and qualifying was very tight, as Aaron Roed, Lee Gilbert, and Dale Olive all timed in at 4.59 seconds. In a race that would feature 6 lead changes, Jim Radford found himself on top of the podium for the victory. Dale and Lee kept the pressure on but came up a little short at the end. Jim had an actual/potential of 97.1, and that my friends is the key to winning these races 97.1 % of the time.

Racing continues this weekend with the Nascar group kicking things off on Friday at 7pm. Saturday will be the final race of the Spring/Summer series for 1/24 euro, and GT 12. Then we all get prepared for the biggest event this year at PSCR, The American Flat Track Worlds July 17-19.