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Drag Race results 7-28-2015 — The South Prevails


What a great night of racing. Wait; for me the racing sucked. But it was definitely one of best nights of fun I have had in a long time. Seven racers showed up from Vancouver to race with us. It turns out they are all crazy, oh and really lucky. From what I understand they showed up about 2:30. I don’t know for sure as at that time I was still taking my nap. I got to the track about four and all the pit tables were filled up. But the guests rearranged and everyone managed to fit in as the crowd grew. A couple of our regulars were missing but we made up for it when Doug Jones showed up, after a couple of months of working extensive overtime. Also new drag racer Aaron Roed, one of the premier slot car road racers in the nation, decided to join us to expand his horizons. I have never seen so many test passes made in one evening. Everyone was working hard to represent their side in the big North-South battle. As it turned out the teams consisted of seven from the south and eight form the north. The advantage in numbers did not help the home team. If it would not have been for Mark Nelson you wouldn’t have known that it wasn’t just a tune up session for the guys from Vancouver. I must say Ron Ryan tried his best and took a few rounds with some killer lights. The semi finals in brackets were Steven Ennis against Mark Nelson with both having two cars left. Mark was feeling the pressure as we locals threatened to end his life if he didn’t win. Well he made it out alive, but failed in his assignment with a red light in the first and just plain being out run in the second of the semis. Yea that meant that Steven took both the win and runner up for the South. Oh the humanity! We moved on to the Stock Eliminator class. We had an excellent field and the north held out hope right up until the end. Mark once again had two cars in the semis and once again failed in both attempt to make it to the final pair. Now think, the man had four opportunities to be the supreme hero and be carried around the shop on the shoulders of his adoring fans. Instead he just got kicked to the curb with a half hearted, nice job. In the finals it was Brian Carr and Chris Huddleston from the south. With Chris just crushing Brian. Well not really crushing, but I wanted someone from the south to suffer. The guys from the south were gracious winners and thanked us for being good hosts and friendly competitors. That is right after they marched around the shop chanting the south shall rise again and waving the confederate flag. Yea, all of you politically correct readers that is the kind of racer that they raise down by the great Columbia. I say lock these guys in the basement where they belong. I guess that is not a real threat to them as that is were they race every Saturday anyways. It must have been the daylight that gave them super powers. Don’t worry the guys from the north are already plotting our revenge and will take the fight to them in the near future.

I would like to thank this group of fun racers for coming 150 plus miles, one way, to spend a weeknight evening with us. We did a lot of racing and even more laughing. This was the most fun I have had racing slot cars in a very long time and I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with these crazy racers.

I am not going to go into the details of the top ten list race, but I will say that Jeff fought off the challenge of Mark for number 6 and then took on Ron and moved up one spot. The guys who were missing blocked any attempt to do any further list racing. Needless to say you have both been challenged by a Sweeney, either the father or the son, for next week. They told me they are ready and out for blood!

Well that is my report and I am sticking by it. Now I am going out into the attic of my shop and find my practice tree. I won two pairings last night one on an opponents red light and one in my hemi Dodge against a Gremlin. The other 6 pairings I went red. I just can’t take pressure.