Nascar race recap 7-24


17 racers were on hand for the weekly Friday night Nascar races. A large field of 10 amateurs would start things off, and as usual there was lots of action on the track, and numerous changes for position throughout the race. Chris Alden would pace the field for the first 3 segments, with Mark Nelson right on his rear bumper. Keith Bare found himself right in the mix for a podium finish all race, as he seemed determined to have a solid finish. As the race progressed, Mark now the savvy veteran, used his fine tuned driving skills to work his way around Chris and take the win. Chris is knocking on the door for his first win, finishing second in this race. Jim Nelson would come home third, as Keith Bare’s car fell off the pace a little at the end.
In the eyes of the Big Kahuna, (and I think all of us agree) Mark Nelson has earned the status of expert driver now. Look for Mark to steadily work his way up to competing for podium finishes in the future, as he continues to fine tune his racing skills.
With Mark having moved up to the expert class, the amateur class is as wide open as its ever been. Can Chris Alden pick up his first win on Friday, or will contenders like Keith Bare, Jim Nelson, Gene Caldwell, or Jim Alden rise to the occasion. Lets not forget about Sid Fugate who improves each and every time out. Whispers around the track have the Kanzler family coming back to do battle, could we soon see 2 main events for the amateur class?
7 experts signed up for action on the Twister, and Lenny the kid Strand would TQ at a 4.56. Aaron Roed took the early lead, with Tim Burgess applying pressure early on. Tim had a great race going, until mechanical issues took him out of contention. Halfway through, Aaron was still holding onto the top spot, followed now by Lee Gilbert, and Bill Clemans. Taking a peek at the leader board I realized I was on pace to turn just over 300 laps, ahh but the predicted finishes can be evil to look at. As the race progressed, the running order stayed about the same, and Aaron failed in his quest for 300. With 2 different drivers in the past two weeks turning 299 laps, and with numerous other racers in my eyes more than capable of turning 300 laps, look for that barrier to come down soon. Not long ago 280 was the benchmark!
Should any of the racers from Monitor happen to read this rambling, Expert tuners like Tim Burgess, and Lee Gilbert would, I’m certain, be more than happy to get your cars up to speed for racing on the Twister, and if your satisfied with some mediocre tuning, I would be happy to help.
Racing resumes Friday night at 7pm like always, can the” Milton Missile” Dale Olive make his way to the top of the podium, never ever can you count out Bill Clemans, or Lee Gilbert, and lets not forget our current single lap track record holder, Tim Burgess. Part Timers Tom Hansen, and Jim Radford always race at the front as well, and could quite possibly be the ones to finally better 300 laps. Gordon Thomas is building a new car, as his work schedule calms down in August, look for him and Fred Klinger to compete for podiums in the near future.