Drag Racing Results 7/21/2015 Mark Nelson The Big Winner

We once again gathered at Pacific Slot Car Raceways for Tuesday drag racing. A few of the racers showed up three hours early for a bunch of testing. I don’t know if it did any good but we enjoyed the time we spent racing and exchanging information. I think I will be better off to extend my nap time an hour. We also had the privilege of Ron’s dad Gary Wellman coming in to check out the action. Gary is an old 1 to 1 racer and we are going to help him build a roadster next week. Hopefully we will get Gary to join us on a regular basis.

We started the evening off with our Top Ten Challenges. Mark Nelson was added to the list at number 7 and the first challenge he would have issued was to Jeff Sweeney who didn’t show. We know he has been working some long hours and assume he couldn’t get off work in time to make it. So Jeff you have been challenged and will need to respond by next week or lose your spot. Moving on to number five we had Ron Ryan challenge Dale Schmidt. Dale successfully defended his fourth place position. Even with excellent tuning help from Lee Gilbert Ron’s car failed to register giving the automatic win to Dale. At this time Dale did not want to challenge Shawn Sweeney as his car was not performing to his expectations. Shawn then challenged Larry Altmayer for the number two spot. Shawn failed to move up as Larry defended his spot. The final race was between Larry and I for the number one spot. I was pretty sure Larry’s car was faster as we lined up. Luckily for me I once again got a good light and beat Larry to the stripe as he was running me down. So at this point Dale decided he had nothing to lose and challenged Shawn for the number three spot. Shawn successfully defended, When the tire smoke cleared nothing on the list changed with the exception of adding Mark.

We went on to bracket racing. We had a good turnout and a ton of close racing. When it came down to the end we had three cars left. Mark had one car and Dale two. We had a random draw and Mark got the bye. This meant Dale had to pick a winner for the semis. Mark and Dale raced for the win and as I recall Dale lit the red bulb giving Mark the win.

Stock Eliminator had a full field with Chris Kendrick, Shawn and Larry all showing with new cars. It all came down to the semis with Larry and Mark each having two cars remaining. When all was said and done Mark had both cars in the finals. Larry had a crap night all and all and is due to kick some butt in the immediate future. I think he is just working to hard and needs more race time. Quit that job Larry and become a professional slot car drag racer. I will drive your tow truck on the tour. At least we can get by with a small truck, which I have.

Some of the boys are coming up from Vancouver next week so we should have a full house. Hope to see you there. If not I will post a report on the outcome. At least if it is favorable to my image. I am working to get my own reality show “Sudden Death in the Slot” how an old, fat, bald recluse lives in the high stress, sometimes dangerous, world of slot car drag racing!