2015 American Flat Track Worlds Recap

1/24 Euro podium

3 days of intense, and very competitive competition is in the books. What a weekend it was, as the flats always entices people to bring their A game.

Winners from the weekend are as follows:
Stock Car Tom Hansen 299 laps NTR ( Tim Burgess NTR 4.43)
LMP Tim Burgess
Group 10 Jim Radford
JRL Jim Radford (starting to notice a pattern here!)
1/32 Euro Jim Radford
GT 12 Shawn Sweeney
1/24 Euro Bob Everett (Chris Everett finished 2nd)

Complete race results can be found on the left hand side of this page by clicking on history.

I really enjoyed racing with Rick Linn out of California. Great racer, and an equally funny guy.
Rick Dodge made the trip over from Chelan, as he does this on a monthly basis. Always fast, and a superb racer
Herman James comes every year from California and is always in contention for a win. Another racer who has amazing skills.
Mike Stahl from Oregan ( I think), comes for the fast stuff, and finished 3rd in 1/24 Euro.

Thank you Jim and Diane for giving us a place to socialize with friends, and to be able to race at an amazing race track!

Make sure to read the race reports from Dan Parris covering the drag racing program. Great reports, as there seems to be a lot excitement happening over there. If blisters have healed, racing resumes this Friday at 7pm with the Nascar group.