It Happened 5 Years Ago….

1/24 Euro winner Gary Johnson


2010 was the first year the Flat Track Worlds were held at PSCR. Friday night was wing car night, and though I didn’t make any notes of this race, it looked like the Everetts took it to them pretty good that night.

Saturday was Box Stock LMP, Advanced LMP, and Group 10. Dale Olive would TQ in Box Stock LMP, and also win the race. He was followed by Yakima Phil, and Rob McCuiston.
Advanced LMP results were Scott Nielson TQ at a 4.33. This Scott fella seemed pretty good as he would win the race with 297 laps, Yakima Phil was 2nd, and Russ Bach was third. 32 entries.
Group 10 TQ was Kevin Kosir
Bill Clemans would win the race (some things stay the same) followed by Kevin, and Jay Mac.
GT 12 had 30 entries and TQ was Alicia Gilbert at a 3.63. Currently the fast guys are a couple tenths quicker than that now. Yes if the last name of the TQ catches your eye, that is Lee’s daughter, and though I personally only raced with her a few times, it was easy to spot that she was the real deal. Catching my eye was not the fact Yakima Phil won the race, but he did it from the C Main, which is something I admire. Jay Mac was 2nd, and Kevin Kosir was 3rd.
1/24 Eurosport had 19 entries, Gary Johnson was TQ at a blistering 3.19. Gary won the race, followed by Matt Zenovitch, and George Russell from California.
Overall Champion that year was Kevin Kosir.
I used a great website www.slotcartalk.com to find results of this race. Check this site out, as it covers anything you’ll want to know about slot cars.

Next weekend is the Flat Track Worlds July 17-19, racing gets going Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar group. Many racers come from all over the PNW as well as California. You don’t want to miss this event!