Clemans Edges Gilbert

13 racers were on hand for the weekly Friday night Nascar races. Tom Hansen was back after taking most of the Summer off, and anytime Tom shows up, you kinda know that the pace is going to be quicker.

5 amateurs lined up for their main, and it turned out to be the Roman Ruiz show. Chris Alden was in a hole early, but ended up with a decent lap total of 260. Jim Nelson grabbed the last podium spot. Roman, and Chris will continue to push each other, no telling what will happen this week.

A full field of 8 experts hit the track, and Aaron Roed was the TQ at a 4.56. Bill Clemens took the lead after 3 segments, with a hard charging Lee Gilbert right behind him. These 2 would have an epic race to the end, as they would alternate the lead after each segment from the 4th segment to the end. Close racing for the win has become the norm for these guys, as this isn’t the first time they have had a race come down to the final seconds. Racing next to each other on the track, both racers had to push as hard as they could, and miss a couple wrecks. Bill nipped Lee at the end by 2 sections. Fantastic race!

Racing continues this Friday at 7pm.