Fall/Winter Series Preview GT 12& 1/24 ES

GT 12 is a fun class, partly because we use high downforce bodies which enable us to really keep our speed up in the corners, and with the increased speed comes the increased danger of hurting your car should you crash into something. Having a race strategy and believing in it is crucial.
Last series saw 4 different winners in the 5 races run. Radford picked up 2 wins, Lenny, C. Everett, and Bill Clemans each had 1 a piece. Shawn Sweeney comes off of his win at the Flats, and you know Tim and Bob are going to bring the heat as well. I am using my Saunders for the second time (built by J. Radford) and if I could ever settle on a gear ratio I might be in business! Chelan’s Rick Dodge travels from the dry side each month, and I’m certain he will be quick as well.

1/24 ES is the fastest class of cars we run at the track. The fast guys can get their cars into the 3.20 sec. a lap range in race conditions. I would encourage everyone to stop in and watch these cars race, I know when I saw these cars for the first time, I wondered how do you even keep track of your car. Truth is, you kinda don’t, especially when running in a pack.
Unless your last name is Everett, you haven’t won a race since March. Bob n Chris have finished 1-2 in the last couple races, including the flats. Jim and Lee are back, and are always running at the front of this class. Again Rick Dodge brings a fast car, paired with exceptional driving, makes him one of the guys you have to beat. Timmy is going to be fast, with a paint job that is second to none on his car. Mike Stahl is coming off his podium finish at the Flats, and was in practicing 3-4 weeks ago. Leonard is as fast as anyone with these cars, and will be in the mix as well. Should Ian Guy be racing this month, look for him to compete for a podium spot, as he finished 4th in the last series race back in June. I think I will be a little better as well.

Racing starts at 3pm, stop in and watch these cars on the track for a bit, these are the fast cars, with top notch racers trying to keep control of them.