Wrapping Up The Nats

Just a general recap of the action that took place at the Nats held April 18th-23rd. First and foremost, thank you Jim and Diane for giving us a chance to race in these big races and compete against some of the best racers from around the world. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time and work that goes into preparing to host an event like this.

3 of our racers made it into the Eurosport main event. They were Jim Radford, Len Strand, and “that dude” Rick Linn. Just to make the main event is a great accomplishment, as 33 very talented racers were entered. Paul Gawronski from California would lead the first 2 segments, followed closely by Jim Radford, and Matt Bruce form New Jersey. Jim Radford would lead segments 3 and 4, but was assessed a 10 lap penalty for unintentionally impeding the progress of another racer. Rick Linn would take the lead after the fifth segment, but it would be short lived as Matt Bruce led segments 6 and 7. Somewhere along the way, Paul Gawronski was penalized 3 laps I believe. I am not quite sure what the infraction was. That set the stage for a battle to the finish, as Matt had a six lap lead on Rick going into the final segment. Matt would finish on Black, and Rick on Green. Lane advantage Rick. Rick was making up a little ground on Matt, when the pinion on Matt’s car (I think) came loose ending his chance at the win. If I am as fortunate/unfortunate one day to be in the spot Matt was in, I hope I handle that situation half as well as he did. He was about the first to congratulate Rick on his win, and displayed great sportsmanship in a difficult spot. Both Jim and Matt should be proud of the way they handle themselves.
Rick drove a great race like normal, and is the 1/24 eurosport national champion. Congratulations Rick, you are one heck of a slot car racer.
Both Rick, and A main competitor Herman James indicated they will be back for The American Flat Track Worlds which takes place in the month of July.

The Nascar class will be racing once again this Friday at 7pm.