Drag News

Monthly Drag Race Program

We are working at revitalizing our monthly drag race program. First we have rescheduled our monthly races for the second Saturday of the month. We are determined to make this happen each month come hell or high water. We will be there and ready to race! The rules have been updated to include a TF/FC and Econo Dragster classes. We also rewrote the Street Outlaw class so it could be run monthly, no ET’s announced and green light only tree. Their have some requests for other classes and we hope those who are interested can get together and come up with some specs, so we can help put a rules packages together. We are here to provide a fun facility that provides a great place to race and the best parts selection anywhere in the world. I know it is our hobby’s slow time of the year, but I hope to use the next couple of months to work the bugs out of our systems and make it the best program possible. “Life is short, Pull the trigger”