Clemans Wins

A light field of 8 racers celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some Friday night Nascar racing. The race was run using an A main, B main format. Bill Clemans was the odd man out in qualifying, and was forced to run the “B”.

A,B,C main, doesn’t matter much to Bill, all he really needs is a lane to start in. Doing it the hard way, Bill ran a super clean race and took the overall win. Lee Gilbert finished just a half lap behind, and Timmy was two laps behind the winner. Just a guess, but it may have been really racey between Lee, Len, Timmy, and Chris in the A main, and that may have contributed to their lap total being down a bit.

Series racing resumes on Saturday May 19th. Racing starts at 1pm. Last month had the best turnout of the year, hopefully that will continue this month.
Jim Alden had a really solid race last time out in 1/24 ES, and Roman came up just a little short in the LMP race. The only thing that held Roman back in that race was a lack of experience in a couple of situations.

It looks like it will be a busy Summer at the track, check out the article by Dan Parris explaining what they have in mind for the drag racing program. Also, the annual Flat Track Worlds are coming up soon in July.