Friday Night Race Recap

Dick wrote up a nice race report for the Nascar race that took place Friday night.

The race Friday was unique in the fact that only eight racers showed up. There were six pros and two amateurs.
It was decided that we all had to run qualifying laps and the two slowest pros had to run with the two, Ahem, amateurs in two races.
Tim qualified highest with a 4.573
Aaron hit second with a 4.605
Lee grabbed third with a 4.609 Very close
Roman nabbed forth with a 4.618

Chris did a 4.743 and had two fend off the amateurs in the first race
Jim banged out a 4.761 placing him in the group to dodge the amateurs
Len was right behind one of the amateurs with a 4.788
Then there was Dick, very proud of himself for beating his personal best of 5.3 with a 5.224

The first race was fun for Dick and Jim because they could sense the fear in Len and Chris. They are not used to racing side by side with a 5.2 racer. Kinda like putting Dick Trickle(Yes Dick Trickle was a Nascar driver) on the pole with Jeff Gordon. Trickle could destroy a half million dollar car in a second just by busting loose his tires on the wrong corner.
Any way the race came off without much damage to vehicles other than Dick sideswiping Chris a couple of times. Tuff luck for Chris but he took it well and Dick hopes he will be talking to him again by next week. Len won the race with a whopping 283.27 laps. Chris took second with 276.44. Jim was third with 264.28 laps. Dick managed 259.35. Stay tuned, Dick is making Lee a rich man by building fast cars for him in an effort to catch Jim Nelson. Dick has not yet figured out the part about being a good driver as well as having a fast car. Jim just snickers like the dog on that cartoon show in the seventies.

The second race was uneventful other than a few fender benders which of course cost a couple of guys the race because of the corner marshals.
This part is interesting because of the big difference in laps between the first and second races. First place in the race with Dick and Jim went to Len, a pro with 283.27 compared to Tim, another pro with 299.16. That’s a huge difference. The pros are usually within two to three laps of each other by the end of the race. Yep, them boys in the first race was ascared!
Tim.. 1st place with 299.16
Roman 2nd place with 298.28
Lee 3rd place with 295.22
Aaron 4th place with 291.00