Friday Night Nascar Results

15 racers were on hand this past Friday night for the weekly Nascar race. Cora and Mark Nelson were back after some time away. It’s always good to have them at the raceway.

6 amateurs lined up for their main, would this be the night that Dick steps up and knocks Jim Nelson off the top step of the podium? Nope, not this week! Jim led from start to finish in this one. Eli ran a solid second, and Dick finished third. Cora Nelson finished in fourth, Red and White lane was her downfall. I blame the guy setting her car up more than anything else!

A 9 man round robin was run for the expert group. 4 different racers led at some point, and there were 5 lead changes. Myself, Tim Burgess, Lee Gilbert, and Leonard Strand were all within a couple laps of each other headed into the eighth segment. My thought process is to push, but make sure that I am not over driving the car, give myself a chance in the final segment, and maybe someone will make a mistake and take themselves out of contention during this segment. Leonard and I think a lot alike when we are in these situations, and both had the same thought of working together to catch the top 2. Through racing Eurosports, this strategy did not have to be communicated, we both knew what the other was thinking.

Segment 9 was complex as well. Lee had finished his race after the eighth segment, and put up a strong lap total. I was 3/4 of a lap behind Tim, and Lenny was less than 2 laps behind us. So now what? How am I going to win this race? Whats Timmy thinking? Keep track of what Leonard is doing. How many laps do I need to catch Lee who has finished his race? These are things going through my mind before the final segment starts. I know at this point grip it and rip it is about my only chance. Timmy is going all out, I know that, and Lee has forced us to go all out in hopes of reaching his lap total. Me and Tim had a side by side battle for a majority of the final segment until a wreck in front of him collected his car. Not much he could do as it happened right in front of him. My grip it and rip method actually worked for once! What a finish as the top 3 were separated by less than half a lap. Leonard was right there just a few laps behind as well.

A full weekend of racing continues this week starting with the Friday night Nascar class at 7pm. We come back on Saturday for 4 classes of racing starting at 1pm.