Race Results From Sept. 1st

The Nascar group was back at it again this past Friday night. An even dozen racers made it to the raceway, including a handful of people we have not seen in awhile. It was great to see Keith Bare, Hazel, and Fonn Guiher racing again. Fonn had a car for his new son in law to use, and it seems he may be hooked! We were missing a couple regulars, but I am confident they will be back soon!!

The amateur class had 7 racers line up for their main. Rory Friel took full advantage of Jim Nelson taking a night off, and cruised to victory. There was a good battle for 2nd place between Fonn and Keith. I do believe Keith ended up in 2nd.

The expert class was a little light with 5 entries. Coming off a back and forth race the week before with Lee, we continued our battle this week. Only this time there was a new player. The ageless Lenny Strand meant business this week, and made it a three way fight for the win. The track was tricky this week as each lane felt different. Fortunately I ended my race on Red, and based off practice knew it would be pretty fast. I was able to hold on for the win just ahead of Lee and Leonard. The Alden brothers are just a touch off, but I fully expect them to find the speed in their cars soon.

Nascar Racing continues this Friday night at 7pm. It was a little lonely in the pit area this week. Hopefully my pit buddies will make it back this week!