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Weekly Racing News February 9th

An even dozen racers made it in for some Friday night Nascar racing. The group was split evenly with 6 amateurs and 6 experts.

The amateur race was won by David Parsons. David has really improved as a racer, and has found himself on the podium more often than not recently. Robert Hanlen continues to have solid runs. He is close to winning one of these races, he just needs to find a bit more speed. This entire group as a whole have improved a great deal, there races are entertaining to watch for sure.

Full Amateur Results Here

The expert group is as strong as ever! Jim Alden has found a race setup that he likes which has led to podium finishes the last couple weeks. Lee Gilbert has been really strong, tying his personal high lap count last week. Tim Burgess is a guy who can never be counted out.

Full Expert Results Here

Series racing continues this Saturday starting at 1pm. There was a great turnout last month!! Counting Friday nights Nascar race, each competitor has the opportunity to run about 2,000 laps!!