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Friday Night Race Results, Parsons Takes the Amateur Win, Gilbert Edges out Roed in the Expert Division

Nascar Amateur Podium January 26 2018

15 Friday night Nascar racers made it to the raceway on 1-26. The field was made up of 7 amateurs, and 8 experts.
The amateur race started out a little rough, not too much give, and a lot of take! Frank Robertson, David Parsons, and Robert Hanlen separated themselves from the rest of the field a little bit by the halfway mark. Jim Nelson battled his way back into contention for a podium finish at the end of he race and finished 3rd, behind Frank in 2nd, and winner David Parsons. This group has really been pushing each other over the last month, and as a result their lap totals have gone way up!

The experts class lined up 8 cars for the start of their race. The first segment was won by Brad Hoyt, Lee Gilbert took over after segment 2 and was never really challenged for the top spot the rest of the way. I finished 2nd after too many unforced errors derailed my chance at a win, and Brad was 3rd. In these expert races, typically if you are out of the slot more than 3 times (your fault or not) your chances at winning drop dramatically.

Nascar Expert Podium January 26 2018

Race results from series racing on 1-20

The track was packed with racers!! Not only was it a very strong turnout of racers, but the rental track was full, drag racers were there doing some testing, and people were walking in off the street just to watch. There was even an Ian Guy sighting!!
-Lee won the LMP race. His car and driving ability is making it awful hard to win one of these.
-Frank Robertson won the amateur LMP race just ahead of Jim Nelson.
-Group 10 was won by Jim Alden who ran an excellent race
-In GT 12, Jeff Sweeney won by 7 laps ahead of Bill Clemans.
-I took the win in 1/24 Eurosport.

From time to time I want to ask a question to get the feedback of racers. It should be noted these questions are not related to anything that has taken place on the track, just questions I have always kinda wondered about.

Q. Red lane is holding up White lane a little bit. Middle part of the race, and both guys are battling for the same spot. Should Red lane let White go, or keep driving his race with the intention of not letting White lane gain any time on him?
My thinking is that it is okay to intentionally hold up another racer to protect your postition….. but you have to be okay with the real possibility of being punted!
If you are logged on through Facebook you can comment below. I am interested to hear what other racers have to say!